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Poor Perfromance Upgrade process LN 10.2.1 -> 10.5
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP11 (Infor ERP 10.5)
DB: SQL Server 2016
OS: Windows 8
C/S: Server

As part of the upgrade of our 10.2.1 environment to 10.5 the step 'Change package combination by company' has to run.
The company we are migrating is indeed big (1,4 TB). However the progress of the session itself is very poor.
This is running extremely slow. We see that our resources (CPU/Memory/Disks) are hardly used.
So it looks like if the LN session is running very slow/inefficient.
So resources don't seem to be the bottleneck.

Is this a known issue and is there a way to speed it up?
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