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Baan: ERP LN FP5 - DB: Oracle 11.2 - OS: Centos 5
Thumbs up Add "Round Values" parameters to session tibom0100m000 to control on or off of roundi
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP10 (Infor ERP 10.4)

Add "Round Values" parameters to session tibom0100m000 to control on of off of rounding factors to the following sessions: tibom1110m000 tiedm1110m000 when ever add,modify,replace etc. for example: If the Round Values check box in the Planning Parameters (cprpd0100m000) session is selected, LN rounds all quantities in a planning run. before one LN SP1 solution, the rounding factor is not affect BOMs. Pease consider my suggestion seriously. Your effor is much appreciated.

For example bom with packaging material, we use EA as unit (unit rounding factor 1.0). if one bom has 10 items, 1 item is this kind, 9 items is others. 10 product use one box. each product use 0.1 ea. if unit rounding factor not effect on pbom and ebom, we can just calculate one item qty as 1/10. but when the unit factor affect pbom and ebom, we need to define bom qty as 10, then every other items qty multiple by 10, caculation is 9 times more. much more work need to be done, and much more error possibility. unit rounding factor could be disabled for pbom and ebom has few bad effects to other modules. but will help users working more effectively and less errors.

Please login to Infor Xtreme Support Home Page then click Resouce-->Enhancement Request System.
later open the following link
and choose Endorse to support my suggestion.
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