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Custom BOD Steps

Hi All,

I have started to work on custom BOD recently and need some verification/input from XI gurus. Based on my understanding following is the sequence of creating a simple custom BOD:

1. Create xml file with exact format
2. Create XSD project in LN Studio
3. Create BID project in LN Studio (Need to know the difference between BID and XSD project? Why do we need BID?)
4. Create BII project (This actually maps the xml field to table or converted values through hooks)
5. Generate DLL which creates two dll in LN

First of all can you please verify above sequence and understanding and confirm if that is correct? Also I need answers to my following questions:

1. When I call generate BOD dll in LN, in that scenario how would the DLL know which record needs to be sent into BOD? What is logic and where it is written which governs the record need to be sent to BOD?

Any input will be helpful.

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