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Notepad++ support BaanC since version 7.3.2

Notepad++ natively supports baan starting version 7.3.2.
The main advantage over using UDL vs native support, will be the usage of API files possible now.

See the release notes

Notepad++ v7.3.2 new features and bug-fixes:

Fix crash issue on column mode editor.
Fix "Use new style save dialog" setting's regression.
Enhance "Open file" command - open a file from editor zone without selecting its full path.
Fix word char list settings not applying on next launch issue.
Fix block uncomment for line comment bug.
BaanC Language is supported.
Add error notification on run dialog.
Fix the caret position not maintained issue between document move.
Fix caret goes to wrong position after word completion.
Enhance Function List for supporting language.
Add check mark in Language menu.
Fix toolbar not showing issue while launching Notepad++ from system tray in some unknown configuration.
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