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Originally Posted by mark_h View Post
Just curious what others have done who use scite editor on windows 10 and the baan help file tt2.hlp. Seems opening this file itself is not much of an option. I know we could convert it to PDF with a tool. Just wondering what others might have done to get around this. It was kind of nice to highlight a command, hit f1 to go straight to the help on that command.
At the onset of Windows8.1, I had to convert the *.hlp file to a *.chm files for some customers. I dont have a windows 10 machine now, so cant be sure if it will behave the same way.

The change from *.hlp to *.chm was done based on the below link.

However, there was some manual work required especially for the *.cnt files, as *.hlp files which was available at that time did not have a ToC... but, the *.chm files by default has a ToC.

Hope this helps.

PS: I am out of baanIV now and dont use any *.hlp file and all the new help files provided by Infor are *.chm files.
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