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Question pb : increment of purchase receipt line

Hi, I have a question about incrementation of purchase receipt lines :
When I have a reception of a purchase line (in table : tdpur041 ), the purchase receipt line (in table : tdpur045 ) increment of 1 .
In fact, if there are not remainder, I have 2 line in the table tdpur045 for one purchase line order : the first line, with the receipt number 0, have receipt qty = 0, receipt date = null... and have a statut = 3(receipt maintain). The second line with receipt number = 1, receipt qty = qty to receipt... have a statut 9 (receiption = OK).
Why, the reception created a second receipt line?
Help me
PS : In delivery maintain, if there are not remainders, when I have a item to deliver, baan don't created a second line
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