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Baan: BaaN IV - DB: SQL Server - OS: Windows NT
AMM - Oracle 10/11g
Baan: iBaanERP 5.0c
DB: Oracle 10.2.0.x
OS: Solaris 10 (SunOS 5.10)
C/S: Server

I am looking forward to have your inputs or thoughts for turning on the AMM (Automatic Memory Management) feature available in Oracle 10/11g.

To brief you on the infrasturcture part and DB size:
Server: M9000 series, CPU: 128, Speed: 2.28 GHz, Memory: 336 GB
Database Size: 16-18 TB approx.

Please let me know if turning on this feature will help us in someway. As I understand from various links on web, memory management should be done manually for large databases. AMM is only recommended for small DBs.

May be some of you might be using it, so inputs from your experience would be helpful in taking the decision.

Davendra Bhatnagar
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