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Lightbulb Load files directly into Infor ERP tables - Cookbook

Hello Baan-Tools- and Oracle- Developers/Administrators,

I don't know if any one tried this out already, but I did.
Here is a little cookbook of what I've done:

Mainly I combined two techniques:
  1. I took the trick of changing an Oracle Table to a View of the same name and structure letting Infor ERP not knowing that.
    If everything works well Infor ERP shows the contents of the Oracle View if you select the Infor ERP Table.

  2. I took the Oracle External Tables to load a file into an Oracle Table
    More information about Oracle External Tables can be found here:

    For all the german speaking developers I recommend the following links:

So the file goes throug Oracle Loader throug an Oracle View directly into an Infor ERP Table ;-)
Just read the SQL- Script I attached and test a little bit on your testserver and I swear you can instantly imagine several things to use this technique for:
  • Read Logfiles to Infor ERP Tables
  • Read data exchange files to Infor ERP Tables
  • Read ASCII reports from jobs to Infor ERP Tables
  • .
  • .
  • .

NOTE: I changed the script to a general format.
I give no warranty that it works.
A few things must be converted to your environment like directorys, Infor ERP Table name, etc.

Good Luck!
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Have a lot of fun...

Please look at this before asking wholes in the stomach ;-)

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