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Baan: LN 10.2.1 / LN 10.5 / BaanIVc4 - DB: Oracle11/Informix - OS: Unix/Linux
slow Baan performance
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: SQL Server 2000
OS: Windows 2003
C/S: Both

Hi Guys,

I would like to solicit your opinion on our Baan server setup as we are currently facing
performance issue especially on Sales Invoicing, Service Invoicing and Generating Projects
from Sales Order. On a bad day a single invoice can take up to 3 minutes to print. We have
around 250 users. Baan 4C4 SP20 app and database (SQL Server 2000 Enterprise SP4) is in the same Server. We have
windows 2003 Enterprise Edition R2 SP2. We have 24 GB RAM. We have four dual-core Intel Xeon
processors. SAN-connected. We have 125 GB database used. We are also heavy users of SQL
Reporting Services and have job running on Intergratio Package in early morning. We use
Taxware. Our CPU utilization could come up to 96% in the middle of the day. We do experience
better speed in the morning and late afternoons when there are less users.
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