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Get the scripts from the Patch

Hi all,
I was very much eager to share something in "Code and Utilities". Atlast I have got a chance to do so.

I am attaching the object and the script of the utility which can give use the scripts in the patch provided that the patch should be made with scripts.


1. If we are having the patch of a particular development which is developed in package say "hp", and we want to refer to the srcipts in it. Firstlly to import that patch we should have that package "hp" with us.

2. In case we have the patch for the development which we dont want to import but we want to refer to the scripts in it, then in that case we can use this utility.

To make it run first copy the object at some path on server and run it directlly. It will ask you for the path, then the name of the patch file. and then will create the folder in it which will have 2 files named "Dlls" and "UIscript". All the Dlls in the patch will come in the single file named "Dlls" and all the UI scripts in the file "UIscript" one below the other.

You can see some seperator between two different scripts which are some characters. I think all can understand it.

Note: The folder where the patch is kept should only have that single file in it. Dont even keep any folder in it.

I have tested it for Baan LN and for server with OS Windows. Not tried for any other configuration.

I know it still requires a good UI and some good options still. May be will workout over it later.

But still if any issues or any suggestions please go on.


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