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Smile BaaN 4c4 Latency/Slowness

Hello. We are using BaaN 4c4 with the servers being HP-UX 11.11 w/Oracle 8i. The biggest issue that we are having is in our remote offices. Our remote offices are connected to the home office via site to site vpn's(T-1's)(Juniper Netscreen NS-50 FW's). Remote users will be in BaaN sessions, and sometimes while a user is typing, they have to stop to allow BaaN to catch up with the typing.

Its prohibitively slow sometimes for the users in the remote sites. Where can we look to check to see if we are optimized correctly? The users really dont have issue surfing the web(and they come back to our proxy server to connect, so I know its not the T, which is causing the issue).

Any help would be appreciated.
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