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Baan: Baan IV - DB: Oracle - OS: Unix
Session tfgld5400m000 performance
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: Oracle 8.0.3.x
OS: Solaris 8 (SunOS 5.8)
C/S: None/Unknown

Hi All,
This session performance is very slow,I have analyzed a bit on it's query and found out the following points:
1.If we remove { tfgld410.fyer, tfgld410.fprd } between
{ :fyer.f , :fprd.f } and {:fyer.t, :fprd.t} and selection on table tisfc001 then it makes the query very fast.
But we can not remove this otherwise query will be wrong from the functional point of view so can any one please suggest something on it.

Whole query which we are using is :

select tfgld410.ocom, tfgld410.tror, tfgld410.fitr, tfgld410.trdt,
tfgld410.trtm, tfgld410.sern, tfgld410.leac, tfgld410.orno,
tfgld410.dbcr, tfgld410.cprj, tfgld410.amth, tfgld410.pono,
from tfgld410, tfgld418, tisfc001
where tfgld410._index2 inrange {:tfgld000.loco, "", tctror.prd, rno.f}
and {:tfgld000.loco, "", tctror.prd,rno.t}
and tfgld410.fcom =
and { tfgld410.fyer, tfgld410.fprd } between
{ :fyer.f , :fprd.f } and {:fyer.t, :fprd.t}
| and tfgld410._index1 refers to tfgld418
and tfgld418._index1 = tfgld410.c001
and tfgld418.sint = tfgld.sint.posted
| and tfgld410.orno refers to tisfc001.pdno
and tisfc001._index1 = {tfgld410.orno}
and tisfc001.osta inrange sts.f and sts.t
order by tfgld410._index2
| as prepared set
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