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Baan: Baan IV 4 c4 - DB: SQL server 2000 - OS: Windows 2000
MS-SQL Server Tunning For Baan IV
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: SQL Server 2000
OS: Windows 2000
C/S: Both

Hello, how are you?

We have Baan IV c4 with MS-SQL server 2000 in a W2000 server. (with level 2)

The ODBC connection is very fast and the baan access is very slow in comparison with.

We are preparing a document to tuning the DB for Baan. And the first thing in the list is a task to rebuilding the index in SQL 2000 every X time. The second check the perfomance indicator to look for the bottlenecks.

The Question is : Can someone send me any information about tunning / perfomance SQL server for Baan than we must consider ??


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