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Baan: BaaN IV B40c.66 - DB: Informix 9.21 - OS: Windows NT 4
between vs inrange, not in vs ANDed <>
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: Informix DS 9.21.TC(x)
OS: Windows NT
C/S: None/Unknown


i'm working in an enterprise that have Baan IV B40c.66. i'm new here and i'm learning with the old method of "trial and error".

i think i understand (10 months and a million cups of coffee after i started) some of the issues for baan performance (at least those that refer to using indexes, avoid some joins in some cases where is better to do the new select in the selectdo part...

Now my question is because i see in programs a lot of inrange's and (field1 > value_min and field1 < value_max) (for this one i'm prefer between because is more legible) and (field1 <> value and field1 <> value and field1 <> value)... i'm guessing that using between and (in or not in) is not standard in BaaN programs are these constructs low performance? or are there other reasons?

btw, we are using BaaN IV B40c.66 with informix 9.21 TC7 (driver level 1) running at Windows NT

Jaime Casanova
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