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Vgerasim 28th April 2003 11:46

Planning some Items from 1 metal sheet
Dear All.
Please, help me to find the solution about planning and take stock of the some items, manufactured from 1 metal sheet by the laser machine.
I use the BaaN IV version, and want to know, how it can be realized with it.
With BaaN IV I can manufacturing and planning the items, which have some elements of BOM on the Enter, and one item on the exit. But now I have a loopback situation: 1 material on the Enter, and some items on the exit.
May be someone of you have the solution about this problem?
Thank you.

OmeLuuk 28th April 2003 13:33

Your problem is:
Demand of several cut pieces (different shapes).
Input: what plate should I take
How to cut the shapes to have as little scrap as possible?

I know several of our (Baan) customers do use the laser machine, but I do not know if they use Baan to plan their production on the laser machine. I assume they do, but I do not know how...

Vgerasim 28th April 2003 13:46

Dear OmeLuuk!
Scrap is doesn't mater.
I just want to find the way, how is to plan and take stock of the Items wiht BaaN IV in this process.
Simple SFC orders and BOM is not fix this problem. :(
Maybe the different shapes will be use the seme material... But what is about planning and take stock?
May be you can ask the clients about this question?
Thank you.

Martin Jung 28th April 2003 14:32

Hi Vgerasim,

yet I haven't seen a solution for this kind of problem in any standard software product. It has always been a customization according to the particular demands of the customer. Often a third party product is used which includes an optimization tool to minimize scrap.



OmeLuuk 28th April 2003 17:43

It looks like here is a demand to know more about the add on provided by Proloq, in which these issues is handled. Learn more on BaanDimensions. I think that will help you.

Vgerasim 28th April 2003 18:26

Dear OmeLuuk!
Thank you for the way, I must follow...
Can you show me the way? (Link?)
Who is the Proloq?

Sri_baan 29th April 2003 07:15

try with baan process

Try with BaaN Process, Define Sheet Metal as the Material required for the Formula and the Co-Products or the Containerised End Items as the Cut Sheet Metal and also define the operations etc... for this work.
As UR querry looks of defining a Reverse BOM, I found U may map it with Process. I feel that U may also have to use phantom item to get rid of few Orders.

I will try for myself and again come back on this.

Sridhar Joshi

p.cole 16th December 2004 19:38

Did anybody find a solution/work-around for this problem? We are experiencing exactly the same problem.

Janneman 18th December 2004 01:01

The only solution I know is buying the Demensions solution, which is owned by Baan 3 years ago (former it was Proloq). Like this addon naam alreadys says, it handels more deminsions then only Kg or meter, but can also plan and handle based on thickness of e.g. steelplate or coil in combination with lenght, wide and quality of the material.
There is also addon into the demension serie for cable planning and handling.

marine 7th January 2005 19:07

We have a similar problem: We have huge plate steel that we place on a Plasma cutter and can get anywhere between 1 - 30 new parts after that 1 sheet has been cut.

I have thought about building a "reverse" BOM:

-1 QTY on the finish item
-1 QTY on Part A
-4 QTY on Part B
-10 QTY on Part C

Then to do a backflush on the production order for that "finish item". My theory, is that the 1 sheet steel would be removed, and Parts A, B, C, etc would be added.

What do you think? I have not tried this yet....


nileshkaji 18th February 2005 11:37

Metal Industry
Baan 4c4 Dimension is the only solution for these type of industry. This product is specifically desinged for metal industry.

cyprus 4th March 2013 12:36


Did anyone get a better solution to this scenario?
I'm sure, this scenario must be common for many manufacturing companies..

Saroj K Thakur

mountaincloud 11th March 2013 06:33

Hi all,

you situation is very common, and Baan IVc4 has an extension named as 'Dimension Industry Solution'.


hfriesl 14th November 2016 16:52

Dear all,

many years later I am searching for a cut plan solution for ERP LN, any idea?

Best Regards,

ahmedhossni 14th August 2017 14:52


We are using BaaN IV Dimension. this is the best solution for that industry. I heard that merino develop a business object for ERP LN but it is not fully like BaaN IV Dimension. I hope this will be useful for you.

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