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Punitha 12th March 2003 22:07

Tools: Font size for labels
When maintaining report label fields, I think it will be nice to also have the capability to specify the font.

I am aware of the workarounds:
1. Specify font for the layout - well, there are cases when you would like to focus attention of the report user to a specific message and changing the layout's font is not desired. Again, sometimes there are too many fields or labels and changing the layout's font means all the fields cannot be accomodated.

2. Specify the label as a field - Of course, can be done, no big

Although one of the above can be used depending on the situation, this will be a really nice enhancement feature for programmers.

If there is anything that I am not aware in using the fonts for the labels other than the above, pls. let me know.


Punitha Ramasami.

EdHubbard 12th March 2003 23:47

My workaround
What I have done on our system is to specify a certain font for the layout (so this gets picked up by the label as you cannot directly select a font for the labels) and then for any fields within the layout where you wish to have a different font you can select a different one within the "maintain report fields" ttadv3134s000 session.

Punitha 13th March 2003 14:33

Thank You Ed. Yes, I do that too at times.

mpchheda 23rd December 2009 08:02

Font size of label field
Can anybody tells me how to use a label as form field so that the font size can be change for label.



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