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wricks 27th January 2003 21:00

Adding a line to a Sales Order.
I am currentlly working on a project to customize tdsls4102s000 Sales order line session to assigned the Planned Delivery Date based upon inventory levels.

The users want me to be able to split the order line automatically if we do not have enough stock to fullfill the order line quantity. For example a customer would like 10 Item 1's. We have 5 in stock and another 20 coming in on a PO next friday.

I would have to change the order quantity on the current line to 5 for Planned delivery date of today and add another Sales order line for 5 next Friday.

I have never attemped to add a sales order line to an order in Baan. Normally this is a project we would stay away from, but this new feature would be a great benefit to our Customer Service department.

I have been trying to find a routine in Baan to allow me to do this easily and safely. Anybody have any experience in doing this? :confused:

Thanks for your help.

Paul P 28th January 2003 01:51

Dear Steven,

You might want to give AFS a try. Basically AFS is BaanERP API instruction set that lets you "remotely control" BaanERP sessions. Using this, you can instruct from a customised program inside or a program outside BaanERP, for example, to open sales order line session in BaanERP, synchronise a certain line, put a new value in order qty field, save, and exit. Because it rides on BaanERP session logic, you can be sure that any data modification you make through AFS will be safe, as all the checking will also be performed.

There is a forum in this bulletin board specially catering for AFS, where a lot of members would be happy to help you with AFS should you need it


donsrini 28th January 2003 02:20

ATP/CTP Functionality in Sales
We have implemented similar functionality for Sales, Production and Service.
We have done this in Baan 5b.
If you can tell me what Baan version you are on, I can kind of help you do this.
You can email me at

wricks 28th January 2003 13:46

I forgot to tell you all that we are on Baan IVc4. :(

dnnslbrwn 28th January 2003 16:33

While changing sales order lines is not easy, your requirement reduces most of the issues that you would encounter... the order quantity does not change so 'on order' does not need to be changed in the item master or the item/warehouse table.

Don't think there is anything standard, but a new session to do this should not be hard to write. I assume a new session as I would see this as a batch program to 'clean up' orders every night, but I guess this could also be attached to a button on the Sales Order line session and run in real time.

I assume you will only be doing this on records that have not been delivered at all so create a test to stop your code in that instance.

Change the quantity on the original order line to the new quantity, then just copy the record in tdsls041 to the next free position number and change the quantity to the remaining quantity and the date to the new delivery date (all of the other fields will stay the same). Next, do the same on tdsls045.

The only thing that I can think of as an additional step would be to modify the planned inventory movements table (tdinv150) to reduce the quantity of the original line and copy it as well to the new position number with the remaining quantity and date.

Oops... there is an amount field you will need to adjust as well on the sls tables.

Hope this helps.



Ruskin 30th January 2003 21:48

Dennis has the easiest idea, but if you go this way, don't forget to also include table tdsls051.

You may also have to check;

Also, the best way to check on whether the orderline can be updated, is to use the standard Baan function calls (if you have source code, check out the script tdsls4102). These calls check a heap of stuff, such as procedure masks (order status), deliveries, application locks (for other users modifying this orderline), etc...

popeye 31st January 2003 00:57

I think AFS is a cleaner/easier solution when you want to play around with Complex sessions like Item Master/Sales ORders/ POs etc.

Advantages: - It's easy to implement
- You don't have to bother about the functionality

Please let me know if you need any docs on AFS.
I have some training material which I had created for my current client.

Hope this helps.

sbakshi 31st January 2003 21:06

Use Qkey

You can try using QKey by Fullscope. I have worked with it and we have used it extensively.

With this product, you can modify the exisiting script of SALES ORDER LINES without using source.

When user completes a line or say tabs thru the last field or clicks on SAVE button, a function can execute checking the required Order qty and if not sufficient, a second line is inserted.


avpatil 7th February 2003 03:44

Splitting Sales Order Line
I some how don't like the functionality of splitting sales Order Lines. First of all if you give a future deleivry date and some how inventoty arrives before it them other sales Order will get allocations. This is some thing you need to think about it. Also if you a price grading and that too on line level, it might posses a problem. What I will suggest is creating a possible delivery schedule. I don't understand how this will customer service. POssibily you can give a delivery schedule.
Adding to sales Order line is bit cumbersome, but can be done. We don't have Baan source but use QKey Extensively.


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