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marine 21st January 2003 22:46

Change GUI for Production & Test Environments
I have contacted Baan support about ways to visually make the GUI different for our TEST environment than our Production environment so our Core team doesn't accidentilly enter production data into the test system or test data into our production system.

The only solution they have provided was to change the icons on the Menu Browser. But once you are in a session, you can't tell which system you are on !!!!!!!

Has anyone implemented an alternative solution on Win2000?

Thanks for any advice you can provide!!!

NPRao 21st January 2003 23:58

You can use the following BW options -


I found few more options -

-set BAAN_WIN_TITLE=”BaaN-ERP-Series” would show the string “BaaN-ERP-Series” in the title of all Baan sessions.

Furthermore, there are some predefined strings that can be used in the window title string. They are:

%C Company Name
%c Company Number
%h Host Name
%p Package Combination
%S Session Name
%s Session Code
%u Userid
Please refer to this thread for more options -

Background info for bshell options (BaanIV)

Markus Schmitz 22nd January 2003 08:50

change the images of the tools bar
Hi Rob,

there is a very simple way:

change the graphics in $BSE/gif/gfd0002

These are the images you see in the toolbar of your Bw gui and they are downloaded by the gui!

We changed them to be red at a lot of clients. Finished.
There is also a file called bwlogo.gif, which contains the logo during loading a session.

You can change this too!



BaanTech 7th February 2003 21:00

PROD versus TEST distinctions
When refreshing our test environments from Production we
change the icons in the test boxes. This works for letting
users know what they're logged into.

The problem comes when two users print the same report to the
same printer. One from PROD and the other from TEST.

To ensure that no TEST output is filed away as LIVE output or used to plug in values for LIVE it is recommended to change the
company name as well via ttaad1100m000. This eliminates
at least some of the confusion at the printers.

This also allows Menu users to see the specific company name (applicable to the test instance) when running Change Company (ttdsk2003m000).



nick_rogers 13th February 2003 16:48

I modified the file called bwlogo.gif to make it red/black.
But Baan will always display the old colours.
Anyone know why ?? do I have to shut Baan down to clear the cache/shared mem or anything ??

Sakhnini 13th February 2003 18:24

Check this link

waldih 29th April 2003 11:00

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use session ttadv4178m000 where you change groep 99 from the form puldown options
behind the ? you set the environment like /ub03 or something else then convert to runtime. the next time you see by every session the environment

günther 29th April 2003 15:13


not to bad for a first post; congratulations! I've been looking for such a solution for years.


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