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mschiffe 16th January 2003 12:30

"ready-to-go" company / something like SAP R/3 IDES
We are a university institution that benchmarks ERP systems against each other. Currently we want to compare some functions in Baan ERP with SAP R/3.

We have just set up Baan ERP 5.0c.

When we tried to implement a simple manufacturing process in Baan we had to take notice of the fact the demo-company 902 is a rather an uncompleted company (training purposes; but NOT ready-to-go).

What I am still looking for is something like a "ready-to-go company" to set up some typical business processes.

In the first approach we do not want to configure that much but focus on to get a general overview of the functionalities of Baan ERP without getting to much into the configuration work (e.g. set up a new compony on our own).

SAP provides IDES as a basic demonstration system, so: the question comes up whether Baan has something like that too.

>> Question: Does somebody know something about such a demo system? Is there a COMPLETE and ready-to-run demo company available somewhere?

Thanks for any tips in advance!


acapulco 16th January 2003 17:26

Baan Mexico has developed something called iBaan Start, which is a pre-configure installation of Baan that is almost ready to run. Try contacting Baan Mexico

benito 16th January 2003 18:28

Baan Grand Rapids
Try contacting Baan Grand Rapids. All their data are for demo/test. I dont see any reason why they cant share it with you.


wgarcia 23rd March 2005 15:14

Exists an installation pre loaded called iBaan Start, this it was developed by Baan mexico. However it is an installation basic, pre-configured of parameters that doesn't possess localization in particular for any country. This is important depending on the fiscal necessities of country where you want to present the product.

The time to implementation is aprox 3 months.

Try the contact with Baan Mexico for a Demo.

Willian Garcia

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