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Jimbob 17th December 2002 17:43

How about a make-over, a new look for the Baan front-end?

Baan GUI looks a bit dated, and always has done. SAP GUI looks really nice and stylish.

Think a new look would bring a feel-good-factor back.


Thomas311 18th December 2002 14:38


the GUI looks like a Windows 3.11 GUI. We live in the year 2002!
Happy New Year Baan!


jaapzwaan 18th December 2002 14:53

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Something like this? (see attachment)

Thomas311 18th December 2002 15:15


But I don't pay a lot of money to upgrade on iBaan - if I only want a up-to-date GUI. Is it so hard to write a new GUI for IVc4???


acapulco 19th December 2002 04:05

In Baan 5 the GUI is the one that is on the image. Even when I will love to see a new GUI for a version like Baan IV, I'm happy to see that at least there is one nice looking GUI at Baan

Ivo Ladage 24th December 2002 11:23

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Worktop is new GUI also available on BaanIV. Might not be that fancy as Webtop, but at least it is less boring then the static menu browser, desktop manager, DEM browser and Process Viewer;

arunkw 1st March 2003 19:59

Good GUI features
Hi guys,
Baan 4 and Baan 5 don't have a good GUI Interface...
What worries me is not the GUI looks but the GUI controls and functionality, i.e GUI features of Drag Drop, Graphs, Images etc which are must for any big Application.
Just Imagin if you could drag your item icon icon to your purchase order, or how the real images of your item would look like or what does your graph shows for your finance entries
Baan had done mistake of not considering these functionality as the inherent intenal requirement of the client application itself.
I have always explained to myself that baan is not an Ice-Candy software which will have have all the Jazzy Fx and But has always considered it as a serious ERP software whose main aim is to make its functionality strong and because of the performance reasons may be baan must have dropped down the idea of providing a good GUI

Arun Kumar

manojsharma 6th June 2003 09:25

how to get it
nice to see all this
but the question comes from where i could get this gui interface

plz suggest me

Ivo Ladage 6th June 2003 10:07

Both Worktop and Webtop are for free and downloadable from the Baan support web site.
For the latest Worktop download, see solution 13964. For Webtop, see solution 130656.

Regards, Ivo

Jeff Ball 29th January 2004 14:18

We should all try to get out more!

Gemini (Baan6) has an improved GUI, which should please those of us inside the bubble, but if you really want to know how important the GUI is to end users, try to convince a dumb terminal ASCII user to upgrade. They know they have a more efficient and robust solution and would rather not have their people using a terminal that can play games and surf the net..

ulrich.fuchs 29th January 2004 16:51

I don't need a fancy gui. I would be happy if I just could "copy and paste" from a windows application into the default text editor or select a record within lists without using the mouse. Even those most basic features do not exist in Baan IV seven(!) years after it was released...

pvenutti 29th January 2004 18:18

Question: is BA really not available in BaanV o higher?

I'm trying to stay with BA where our company is migrating to BW

But the main and most important is the data entry rate. For sales office that _do_ data entry not programmers or account managers. Being keyboard only and figures (numbers) commanded BA can't be beaten.


Here are some points of dis-like with BW (sorry for poor formatting, was a table).

where we found it

No copy&paste
copy&paste as data possible
any windows

No full line view
view of all line data
Mantain Receipts

No full line view
available if terminal has auto form resizing
any reports with 132/215 colums

BaaN sessions behave differently from BA
Most session with many fields per each form and as example
tiitmc401m090 second zoom.

Poor data validation in input field
any field where user doesn't validate with tab or return. It brings
a fatal error message.

keyboard shortcuts are different for different computers
bw version B40c.68 gives "save" as ctrl+w or ctrl+s

fatal error: "no permission for"
session works normally
zoom fields

serious fatal errors leave "option dialog" open and on windows
9* this doesn't let turn off the machine.
windows 9* clients

BW Network load is much higher than BA (6x factor)
BA can be used from remote with lower bandwidth.
(attached a network capture sample)

Form don't resize and some data field aren't displayed.
tdsls4101m000 using 800x600

print to screen doesn't resize with wide format
Window's font switch to small pitch
Every printout to device D

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