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mark_h 4th December 2002 15:21

Mass Data Changes..X-mas Wish List
What I would like is a session(s) which would allow me to change data through out all Baan tables. So for example if I wanted to change part number 1 to part number 2 - this wonderful session would move through all the tables and change them appropriately. It would allow the user to make multiple changes maybe using a file containing the changes.

Sounds easy(:)) and would be a good product for a third party solution. Yes I realize it may run for days based on the amount of data on the system, but if a user really wanted the change they would make the time. Maybe this already exists and I just do not know about it.

The reason for this request is that we are getting ready to upgrade to 4C4, A&D 1.0(I no longer know what they calling it) and implementing Baan Finance. Because of this I have developed a program which will redo "PROJECTS" in all of the tables. Still in the testing phase, but it looks feasible.


Darren Phillips 4th December 2002 16:00

there is a related thread at

nick_rogers 4th December 2002 16:35

sounds like you would want a program based on the Maiintain Idef1-X Diagram Data (ttadv4131m000) session....would like to see the code behind that.

mark_h 4th December 2002 16:41

Other thread
I actually think Baan should include something along these lines. I was thinking of something so generic it would run on any system and not require any modifications. I am actually doing it the way the third post suggested. I find everywhere a domain is used, verify it is in the most recent VRC, export the table, process it using sed, then import the table. It is not as complicated as I thought it would be and thats why I think Baan should include something like it and if not them then some third party add-on.


Alexei Svetkin 27th December 2002 14:13

I have a tool for recoding any codes in a company.
It works on baan4c4.

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