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ulrich.fuchs 21st November 2002 09:29

User defined aggregate field names for reports
Ok, this is definitely something that only Baan could provide, however, I'll go and post it here...

When defining an aggregate function in a report field, the report compiler internally assigns a variable for it (eg. "total..1"). So, you may do calculations in the report like value = total..1 / total..3, but this is generally not advisable, since the field names are likely to change if you introduce new report fields.

This could easily be overcome if one could enter a variable name that should be used for such an aggregate field. The report compiler would then use that particular variable name instead of a generated one.

With this litte enhancement e.g. percentage calculation on total fields would be much faster to implement than today.

evertsen 21st November 2002 14:57

Couldn't you just write your own aggregate function in the report script? You would then have the control you are looking for.

ulrich.fuchs 21st November 2002 15:15

Sure I could (and actually I have to do this right now, because there is no better way). But were talking about enhancements here, and it would be a great enhancement if I wouldn't have to code such a "standard" functionality from scratch each time I need it. And I need it a lot...

evertsen 21st November 2002 15:27

Ok. I see your point. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me because I don't have to do it that often but if I did, I can see how it would get a little tedious.

g√ľnther 13th May 2004 08:41

I've been programming lots of "high sophisticated" reports for our controlling department. The typical demand is exactly what ulrich likes.

I guess that *lots* of reports out there do their own total calculation, again and again.

If you are familiar with other reporting tools (e.g. Crystal) you know that this is really a pain.

Another examle:
Imagine a user wants to see the total on the first line, and then the details. How would you do that in Baan; 10 Lines of Code, 100 Lines?

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