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M.B.Prasad 6th October 2017 20:55

PO Approval via Workflow
Hi Friend,

Is it possible to control Multilevel Purchase Order approval process through workflow in Baan 5 ?


sasikanth 10th October 2017 14:23

I think that's not possible in Baan. The latest version of LN 10.5 gives this flexibility to seamlessly integrate ERP LN with ION which can handle complex Workflow Scenarios (using ION Workflow Mechanism).

Ashok_elgi 10th October 2017 17:48

Hi Prasad,
You can handle all approvals in workflow and have the final approving in Baan5.


sasikanth 29th October 2017 13:38

Hi Ashok,

Are you using ION for PO Approvals?

Ashok_elgi 30th October 2017 07:06

I meant approvals from within workflow software.Not specific to ION

sasikanth 30th October 2017 12:32

OK. Got it :)

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