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shijil 5th October 2017 14:50

DataArea fields are blank/nothing when accessing via .NET application
I am developing a BDE solution to push/pull data from and to a third party application. So that I can convert the same to web service which can be consumed by the third party application. I tried to import table from data dictionary in Business Studio,and then generated. I am able to consume standard methods like "Show" post implementing the solution via web service in .NET program. However Response object fields are not displaying values.
Also attached the trace log

Here is the sample program I use to retrieve values


Function ValidateProductionOrder(pOrder As String) As Boolean

            Dim sRequest As New ShowRequest

            sRequest.ShowRequest1 = New ShowRequestType()
            sRequest.ShowRequest1.DataArea = New ShowRequestTypeDataArea()
            sRequest.ShowRequest1.DataArea.EstimatedAndActualMaterialCosts = New ShowRequestTypeDataAreaEstimatedAndActualMaterialCosts()
            sRequest.ShowRequest1.DataArea.EstimatedAndActualMaterialCosts.position = 10
            sRequest.ShowRequest1.DataArea.EstimatedAndActualMaterialCosts.productionOrder = pOrder.ToString()

            Dim sResponse As New ShowResponse

            Dim o As New EstimatedAndActualMaterialCostsClient


                sResponse = o.ServiceReference3_EstimatedAndActualMaterialCosts_Show(sRequest)

            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try

            If sResponse.ShowResponse1.DataArea.ProductionOrders.productionOrder = pOrder.ToString() Then
                Return True
            Return False
            End If

        End Function

shijil 13th October 2017 09:03

This issue was fixed after addressing all the warnings shown in Business Studio. Especially those with values again Dimension field. After removed dimension value and implemented it worked fine.

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