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amator 5th October 2017 13:48

Conditional Formatting (ERP Ln 10.4) compare to the current date
Hi guys,

I'm trying to create a conditional formatting in the Inventory 360 (Item -
Lots Inventory) .

For example

IF Lot date < Lot date + "CURRENT DATE" Then

I'm trying to get the Current date but I don't know how to declare it in Conditional Formatting.

Is there a way to get the current date in conditional formatting?

Thanks in advance guys,

mark_h 5th October 2017 13:53

in 4c4 I would use date.num(), but with ln using UTC dates you might want to try searching for the board for UTC date formats.

rahul ingale 6th October 2017 22:35

utc.num() for getting current utc date.

amator 8th November 2017 04:09

Problem solved!
Hi mark_h and rahul ingale,

Sorry for the late reply. mark_h, I've tried using the utc.num() in the LN 10.4 and it displays what I've needed. Thanks a lot

Also thanks rahul ingale, I used your sample date.num and I've searched it in Baanboard and thanks to that I used it in my another problem when creating a customize session.

This is a part of code/query looks like in my customize session.

Code:, ayr, amh, ady, ahr, ame, asd), cyr, cmh, cdy, chr, cme, csd)
age =, amh, ady) -, cmh, cdy)

Thanks again guys and also to Baanboard,

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