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jefrina70 30th September 2017 03:53

error when direct release from Warehousing Order
I can not do receipt on the warehousing order program, when direct release occurs error.
the message is :
"outbound order line (transfer (manual) xxxxx / 10-1): data error: could not lock new shipment".

Please advise, how to finish it. so I can re-do transaction receipt warehouse.

thank you

sasikanth 3rd October 2017 08:21

Technically, this happens when there is an Application Lock in Session "Application Locks" (ttadv9598m000).

Which means that, there is another user probably busy with the Shipment Confirmation Process, and the Lock should get released when the user leaves the Shipments Session. However, sometimes a Lock remains and doesn't get removed due to various reasons.

So, you need to open the Application Locks, and delete the lock related to Shipments Session.

Hope this Helps You.

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