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günther 22nd September 2017 08:43

Correction of item type

we have some items with the meaning of costs (e.g. costs for repair hours, costs for Transportation). These items were created some time ago as Item Type "Purchased" and should now be corrected to "Costs".

tiitm0101m000 does not allow such a change, even if there were no bookings at all. But we have bookings, indeed.

So, the only way to correct would be ttaad4100.

What do you think?


sasikanth 26th September 2017 06:49

The Best way is to Block those items (with proper Item-Signals), and create new items. Doing GTM correction is not a standard/best practice always.

mark_h 26th September 2017 16:49

Hmmm - on our 4c4 system the item type is changeable on the item master. I would save if you never did anything with the part then table maintenance would be okay, but with your system having it greyed out I would not recommend that - unless you can test it all the way thru in a test system. Enough to make sure it does not cause any issues going forward.

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