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VishalMistry 21st September 2017 15:33

Session hangs in AFS
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We have a small routine which simply updates warehouse in all production orders from C to BR. What this session does is find all the production orders where the warehouse code is " C" and replaces it with warehouse " BR" using stpapi calls.

The session executes properly but when we try to end the session, it just hangs. I have attached portion of the script if someone can find what causes the session to hang.


mark_h 21st September 2017 16:20

Is this 4c4 or LN? The reason I ask is because I would end tisfc0505m000 first then tisfc0101m000. If you can put it in debug mode and check the back ground processes. Sometimes (not always) if it hangs like this you are not closing them in the right order. You can let it hang - see if you see another subsession (like in your code I see an end on tisfc0501m000 right after it) - just use kill on it. See if the code then takes off running again.

VishalMistry 21st September 2017 16:29

Hello Mark,

This is Baan IVc4. And one more thing, when I try to change warehouse through session, it just gives message "Order is 7 days late". When I click OK, it just gives another message "Estimated BOM and routing will be reset to standard". Once I click OK, the record is just saved with new warehouse . But the same thing does not happen with with AFS. Do I have to handle this messages inside AFS ? I assume I don't have to as this is just informative messages.


mark_h 21st September 2017 16:49

Yes - you would hand messages inside the afs. Of course if they are just plain warning messages then nothing needs to be done. But if it is like a yes or no question then you set the answer before the question pops up in the code. I am not sure anything needs to be done for the 2 questions you mention.

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