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Jordi.Tolra 21st September 2017 13:24

Fix size of tmp files

does anybody know if it is possible to set a maximum size for the tmp files that are normally generated in BSE\tmp?

Thanks & Regards


bdittmar 1st October 2017 17:06

depending on the content
the size of the temp-file is depending on the content.

What is the reason for asking such a question ?
What's the intention ?


Jordi.Tolra 2nd October 2017 09:24


the reason is that from time to time, users send a very big print job (mistake in the selection) and it creates a very big temp file, and sometimes we get out of free space.



bdittmar 2nd October 2017 11:05

Scheduled task / CronJob
clean up the $BSE/tmp from files e.g. older than 8 days by scheduled task / cronjob
or extend the space on device.


mark_h 2nd October 2017 13:42

And if the users do it consistently in a program you can always modify the form so the users can only enter limited data. Or in one case we restricted them to one PO or one production order.

bhushanchanda 3rd October 2017 11:52


If you are on Windows server, check out standard File Server Resource Manager

This inbuilt tool provides a lot of different varieties of options to handle the folder size.

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