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igor.hanzelic 19th September 2017 23:10

Purchase schedules - original date

We are looking for a partner with experience in optimizing processes in Infor LN. At the moment, we need advice primarily in the areas of planning, sales and purchasing. In the material procurement we use purchase schedules and we encountered the problem of managing changes in purchasing terms on purchase schedules.

1. We send the purchase release to the supplier.
2. We receive the confirmed term from the supplier and on the basis of this we change the existing planned delivery date on the line of the purchase schedules. In this way, we provide realistic planning dates.
3. On the next version of the purchase release, the supplier no longer sees the original date because we changed it on the basis of the supplier's confirmation.

We would like the supplier to see the new version of the purchase release, despite the change of the original date! We send weekly delivery plan via EDI. To the suppliers that do not have EDI, we send delivery plan via e-mail. We want to find the right solution, can you help us with this?

We use the information system INFOR LN 10.4.

sasikanth 20th September 2017 07:35

Hello Hanzelic,

I strongly believe that, it needs a deep study on your current processes, both Business & Product, in order to optimize the processes.

I've worked on these concepts extensively, and should be able to help you - provided that you share the detailed information.

Please get connected on Skype "sasikanth.gil" (without Quotes), to discuss more and see how we can move ahead.

chandrajeet 11th July 2018 11:13

Hi Hanzelic,

Before answering your question I would like to give you high level of overview how system generate purchase schedule.
The generated purchase schedule (supply) and lines are based on the delivery moments. EP groups all the orders to the nearest delivery moment before the supply with in the Horizon Date. In case no delivery moment before supply date it groups the supply to the immediate delivery moment after the supply.
Now how system would decide the firm requirement or planned requirement for example Current date to till 30 days it would be firm as we define in segment XX with length of 30 days plus system consider the Delivery moments & for planned After 30 days to till 10 weeks it would be Planned as if we define segment length for
segment “XXX” as 10 weeks plus system would consider nearest Delivery moments.

Now so far your question is concern If EDI is implemented than "MRL001" would be sent to your supplier once you print "print purchase release" as per your planed demand by considering segment length and delivery moments and again if there is any change in demand than system regenerate requirement type planed and firm by considering segment length and delivery moments.
We can use the session "Purchase Release line-Details by schedule" to track the Purchase schedule against release type (shipping schedule/Material release) and Release revision.
If any further clarification require or some requirement I misunderstood than please do send me the mail on

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