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satheeshv 16th September 2017 08:56

Job failed with run time error through task schedular
Hello All,

I am facing below issue relating to job, please advise on this.

"Job failed with run time error through task scheduler but the same job run successfully when I activate the job manually".
I checked it script level which is a custom session and there is no code related to job, its a simple script to print the data from custom tables and standard tables.

bdittmar 16th September 2017 11:17

Analyse logs and use job.process
check the logfiles.

boolean job.process 4R Indicates if process is started by a job.

In source check :

if job.process = true then


satheeshv 18th September 2017 03:54

Hello ,

I checked the log files but no log file is created.


bhushanchanda 18th September 2017 08:16

What device have you set for the report? It should be ASCII/ASCIT type which writes the output to a file on server and should not be something like D, EXCEL etc where the file is written and opened on client machine.

satheeshv 18th September 2017 08:51

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Hi Bhushan,

The device is ASCIT and it is setup as per the attachment.

jclju1 18th September 2017 10:11

Did you try to start job manually with the same user which is starting job?

satheeshv 18th September 2017 10:53

Yes jobs are running successfully when i ran the job manually with the same user. but its failed only when it run through task scheduler.

jclju1 18th September 2017 11:07

There is one filed in task scheduler settings, where you can define that job starts in folder $BSE/tmp. Maybe it can help.

satheeshv 18th September 2017 14:10

In task scheduler it gives the shell command path but not able to find the error of it, why the job got run time error.

jclju1 18th September 2017 14:25

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I am talking about field "Start in (optional)"

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