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jojovalenton 15th September 2017 08:00

encrypt table field data

i need help on how to encrypt data save in table fields same on how dem and tools password were saved in LN tables. using inputfield.password ui fields are star chars but saved in table as normal alphanum. thanks.


jojovalenton 16th September 2017 06:15

i think encryption in LN something like creating GUID id but anybody knows how to do this via LN scripts?

bhushanchanda 18th September 2017 08:21

TIV starting from 2000 supports cipher.* functions which you can use to store the passwords using AES algorithms. Take a look at the latest programmers guide on the examples of how to do it.

If not, you need to use some external utility where you will pass the string value to it and it will output the encrypted version.

jojovalenton 18th September 2017 19:38

thanks for reply. i will explore this idea.


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