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tracylee 15th September 2017 04:06

Unable to create the table definition

I try to create the new table on this new system, but prompt the message show that "0 table(s) created" when i click the create table. Convert to Runtime DD is no problem. Please advise. Thanks.

sam291091 15th September 2017 05:21

Dear tracylee,
Try to do any dummy changes in table and do CRDD. After relogin try to create table. I hope it will work for you.

Note : Kindly make sure that your crdd done successfully.

tracylee 15th September 2017 06:50

Dear sam291091,

Thanks for your reply. After i changes something in table and do CRDD, then prompt a message "Cannot reconfigure;first run Mintain Pckage by Package Combination (ttaad1121m000). Please advise. Thannks.

tracylee 15th September 2017 06:55

Dear sam291091,

After i try to run again CRDD with all data then no problem. And follow your advise then table is created. Thanks in advance.

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