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pralash 11th September 2017 11:39

DOS Commands via LN Programming
I'm new to LN... I want to execute the DOS Commands from LN programming in order to perform some customization.... Hence does anybody know about that how to execute the DOS commands from LN?
Could you please let me know if it's possible.


JaapJD 11th September 2017 12:52

With run.prog() you can run a bat file on the server. start.application.local() can do that on the client, but that is not supported with LNUI, so only 10.3 and lower.

bhushanchanda 12th September 2017 00:43

Hi Pralash,

Please post your questions in related forums.

Moved to correct forum - Tools Development.

pralash 12th September 2017 04:18

Thank you very much for your information...
Then i'll post the question in the related forum...

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