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VishalMistry 4th September 2017 14:10

Checking effective BOM components
Hi all,

I was wondering if there is any standard dll which identifies active bom BOM components. If we pass it Manufac.Item,Position and Sequence number.


mark_h 4th September 2017 16:24

Are we talking date or unit effectivity? There might be some DLL's but I believe we wrote most of our own. Will have to check once I get back to work.

VishalMistry 5th September 2017 09:33

Hello Mark,

I am talking about date. We also use custom logic to determine if component is active or not but I was wondering if there is any standard DLL.


mark_h 5th September 2017 13:20

Check out function itibom0002 - we use one routine out of it. But it looks like only to get the retrieval date. Other than that, we use our own code to determine if it is active. Sorry no DLL's used in our code, so not sure there is one.

mark_h 5th September 2017 16:07

Check out the otibomdll010 library. It has and and tibom.dllb010.component.effective routines included in it. I do not think we used these anywhere, but it looks like we do use the routine.

VishalMistry 6th September 2017 15:45

Hello Mark,

The library is not present in our environment. BTW, I have done it through custom logic.


mark_h 7th September 2017 14:39

Interesting - I did just notice this is in our A&D VRC we get from infor.

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