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Sandy Blondino 28th August 2017 22:04

Hello all,

I've written an ION document flow and I'm confused as to what BOD verb to use. I'm reading from a flat file and updating the data on sales order line.
I've tried different verbs, such as Sync, Process and Update, but nothing seems to be right.
Which verb should I use to 'read' a flat file and which verb should I use to update the sales order line?
Should they be the same or different?

Thanks for any information.

ARijke 29th August 2017 11:21

Hi Sandy, I assume you want to send the data to LN. For LN we delivered a standard LN connection setup to be imported in ION connection points. There you can see that LN supports receiving the ProcessSalesOrder. So my guess is that from the flat file you need to create a ProcessSalesOrder BOD and send it with a document flow to LN.

Sandy Blondino 29th August 2017 14:33

Thanks for your response.
Yes, I am sending data to LN.
My next question is: 'Should both connection points, the flat file and the LN connection point be the same BOD verb, such as 'Process'


ARijke 29th August 2017 15:08

Yes both connection point should have the same Process.SalesOrder document enabled in the setting. Make sure that the flat file connection point is marked as 'Send from Application'. For the LN connection point it needs to be 'Receive in Application'.

Regards, Adriaan

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