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new user 28th August 2017 11:54

Sales Schedule Requirement Type
Hi All,

We are simulating Sales Schedule in LN 10.5. Here we are facing one problem regarding the "Requirement Type" of the Sales Schedule Line. We have created one Sales Schedule of type "Material Release" Which have 3 Schedule Lines. One has "Requirement Type" as "Immediate". 2 nd one has "Firm" and 3 rd one is in "Planned". Now we are able to release first 2 requirement lines for "Warehousing" but "Planned" Lines we can not able to Release for warehousing.

Now the question is how this "Planned " requirement lines gets change to "Firm" ?

Is there any session which does this activity or there is any rule which has to set up in such a way that when the Shipment date is nearer (With in FAB Period) it will automatically change to "Firm"?

If anybody has mapped such kind of scenario please let me know.

new user

sasikanth 5th September 2017 11:58


The "Planned" Requirement Type Schedule Lines doesn't get converted into "Firm" or "Immediate" automatically.

A Sales Schedule Line with Requirement Type "Planned" is meant for the forecasting purposes, and apparently not for Delivery/Shipment Purpose. Which means, a supplier can make the necessary arrangements (such as Raw Material Procurement etc) for the Planned Quantities.

When its time for Actual delivery, a confirmation from the Customer is required in the form of a Shipping Schedule (or) Material Release - with Customer Requirement Type as "Firm" / "Immediate" in the Sales Release Lines Details Session.

Once a new schedule revision is generated out of the Sales Release, the quantities are adjusted (executed during the Approval step), and you can go ahead to release the orders to warehousing.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to reach me out or PM me on LinkedIn.

Good Luck!

new user 6th September 2017 14:43

Hi Sashi Kanth,

Thanks for your update. Yes for "Material Release" Type sales schedule we can always have a revision and according to the set up (contract/BP-Item data) we are able to have "Requirement Type" "Firm" for the new lines and during "Approval" we are able to adjust previous deliveries as well. This part we have tested and it is working fine.Firm lines can easily release for warehousing.

But when we have created a "Shipping Schedule" Type of "Sales Release" we are getting error to convert this into Sales schedule. It seems system is not allowing to generate new schedule or Revision of type "shipping schedule" when one "Material Release" type of sales schedule is already generated for the same item- BP.

My question is for "Material Release" the new revision is fine but it should be always of " Material Release " type? or we can have "Shipping Schedule" as well for the Item for which we already have one "Material Release" type schedule. If we can have both the is there any chance that demand get doubled ? (as we can not ship "planned " requirements from "Material Release" and on the other hand we got new demand from Shipping Schedule".

Thanks In Advance,

sasikanth 7th September 2017 06:19

Hi Sibaji,

It all depends on the settings that you've done in "Contract Line Logistic Data" or "Item-Sales-Business Partner Data".

You can use both Material Release & Shipping Schedule types...However, make a note that the demand will never get doubled.

Please share the error message that you're getting while processing the Sales Release Line of type "Shipping Schedule".

Also, share your setup from Item-Sales-BP & Contract Line Logistic Data, so it would be easy to analyze the situation.

You can reach me out on Skype - ( sasikanth.gil ) if you want to discuss more. When we get the answer for all your questions, we can re-post the same in this thread to notify all the members.

new user 7th September 2017 08:17

Hi Sashi Kanth,

I have sent you one skype request.

Please accept.


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