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rbhushan 17th August 2017 09:22

Need documentation on creating Custom BODs
Hi all,
Can someone provide documentation on creating Custom BODs.
Also it would be of great help if can provide documentation on using Various ION Connectors.

Bhushan Rane

benito 17th August 2017 17:44

Did you try looking at Infor's website?

rbhushan 21st August 2017 10:38

yes i tried to get it from Infor documentation but no luck with good documentation.
Looking for simple stepwise docs to create and deploy Custom BODs.

sasikanth 1st September 2017 11:24

Hi Bhushan,

If you would like to create a Custom BOD for a Custom Table, you can use LN Studio.

Infor document "Developer's Guide for BODs and BDEs" - Chapter 8 ("To Implement OAGIS BODs for ERP LN") contains a small portion of text on how to create BODs. Hope that will help you.

PS: I'm not a 100% Technical Consultant...Still Learning :)

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