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jclju1 4th August 2017 10:52

Baan IV and Infor LN on the same Windows server
Hello all,

we are planning to move Baan IV and Infor LN from Linux/oracle into Win /SQL environment. The plan is that we will have only one server for both applications. In the past, I already did it and there were no problems. But because of new OS and databese version I have to install Baan IV using portingset from Infor LN. So, my question is: isi it possible to have Baan IV and Infor LN ond the same Windows server, both applications use Infor LN portingest? Of course, applications will be on different folders (C:\baan, C:\infor), but I am not sure about "Global Files Directory". Can I choose different folders for Baan and Infor LN? Let say: C:\baan\commonx64 and C:\Infor\ERPLN\commonx64.

Thanks in advance.

jclju1 4th August 2017 10:55

The second question is regarding service names and service display names, can I change names?

lebowski 4th August 2017 13:10


both BSEs will share one logic service and have their own shared memory services. The name of the shm service is derived from the name you give the environment during installation, let' say "Infor Shared Service Memory BaanIV" and "Infor Shared Memory Service LN". I am sure you can also change the name afterwards by de-/installing the service.



suneetsahadevan 5th August 2017 06:14

The installer will let you choose a directory.

jclju1 8th August 2017 15:28

It is as lebowski wrote. I could choose directory when I installed Baan IV. After that I started Infor LN installation and could not change directory, field "Global Files Directory" was gray and it was not possible to change anything.

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