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albertsmid 1st August 2017 20:55

Barcodes on BaaN Report
I am trying a multi page BaaN report based on a paper size 8.5 x 11, multi page. On the bottom (footer area) I like to have two barcodes, one aligned with the left margin and one on the right margin. These barcodes should appear on every page of the report.

The issue I am running into is that the fonts and the line spacing is changed after the first barcode is printed.

Printing just one barcode on the first page is no issue, but if the report have multiple pages the second page has the issue with font and line spacing. Tried to adjust the print driver to adjust for this but so far I have not been able to make much progress in resolving this issue.
Has anyone else any ideas how to resolve this issue?

günther 21st August 2017 09:35

Hi albertsmid.

Could you have a look at the barcode Interface script such as $BSE/lib/barcode/<your Printer type>/type<your number> (eg. $BSE/lib/barcode/hp/type01)?

PCL printers such as HP have two font sets (primary, secondary). That allows to change font settings Independent of each other.

\016 = <so> shift out - select secondary font to print subsequent characters
\017 = <si> shift in - select primary font to print subsequent characters

So, our type01 looks like this:

echo "\016\033)0Y\033)s0p8.1h12v0s0b0T*$1*\017\c"
exit 0

Hope that helps!


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