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Sandy Blondino 31st July 2017 21:25

ION BOD update sales order
We just installed ION and plan to use the BODs, but I'm very confused as to where to start. I want to have ION read a CSV file and then update a sales order line in LN ERP with the updated price.
I have the file and the LNERP connection points set up and they test successfully. I'm using the Update.SalesOrder BOD, but I get an error saying 'Infor LN Configuration not found for Company '408', Accounting Entity and Location'. Reason Code tcbods0247.
Is there a table or session that I have to update in order to make this work?
Does anyone have any documention about how to set up a simple document flow?
Thanks for any help,

vinceco252 31st July 2017 22:52

You should be able to find an LN to ION (or Xi) integration document on InforXtreme. There should be a chapter in there about setting up LN for publishing (and digesting) BODs.


ARijke 1st August 2017 09:09

Hi Sandy , In the incoming BOD you should specify an AccountingEntity value. The value should match the value in LN for the dedicated LN company in session tcbod0100m000. This is the mechanism to get the BOD routed to a dedicated LN company in case there are multiple.

Sandy Blondino 1st August 2017 17:18

Thanks for that info, but now I have a follow up question. How do I specify the Accounting Entity value in the BOD?


ARijke 2nd August 2017 08:42

Hi Sandy,

The information should be present in the DataArea:
<ActionExpression actionCode="Add"/>

Sandy Blondino 8th August 2017 22:04

Another question
Thanks for your response, but I do have another question.
I tried your suggestion and I'm getting an error.
"Infor LN Configuration not found for Company '408', Accounting Entity '' and Location ''", so it seems like it's not picking up the other ID's.
I added the 'Accounting Entity' and Location in the fields section of the file template and the incoming text file.
I must be missing something. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you

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