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Jim Cousins 26th July 2017 15:34

Safety Stock Parameters
How can I stop purchase requisitions specifying dates in the past when the available stock goes below the safety stock parameter

pillai.ganesh 27th July 2017 07:14

Jim, I understand that you have some Purchase Requisitions which should be ignored by the planning engine.
One way to do that will be to change the Warehouse of all those Purchase Requisitions to a non-planning warehouse.
In session Warehouses (whwmd2500m000) you will find a checkbox "Include in Enterprise Planning”. To exclude a warehouse from the planning process, clear this checkbox.
Hope this information helps!!

sasikanth 1st August 2017 09:24

Hello Jim,

Do you want to restrict the users from giving the dates in the past while creating a Purchase Requisition? Could you elaborate your requirement?

Jim Cousins 2nd August 2017 08:45

Purchase Requisitions
When a purchase requisition is created for the replenishment of stock which has a safety stock value the requisition date is always in the past.
You are able to convert the purchase requisition to a purchase order with this required date in the past.
We want the purchase requisition to have a realistic date in the future, ideally today's date plus lead time without the buyer having to manually change the date


sasikanth 3rd August 2017 07:03

Hello Jim,

If the objective is to restrict the users from not giving the past date in the purchase requisitions, you can probably put an user exit dll for table tdpur201.

It is currently not possible to have a realistic date for the "Requested Date" field at the requisition line level. However, when you convert the requisition to the order, the buyer can go to the Purchase Order Lines (tdpur4101m000) session - Shipping Tab - Use the "Calculate" button to calculate the Planned Receipt Date of the Order Line. This will consider the Supply Time (Working Days) and updates the date. This is something that can be done without any customizations.

If you would like to achieve the same at the requisition line entry level, you can do it using a simpe UE Script for table (tdpur201)

Hope this helps you. If you still need more details, do not hesitate to reach me out.

Jim Cousins 4th August 2017 08:38

Purchase Requisitions
Many thanks for the guidance, I will get back to you should I need any further assistance

sasikanth 11th August 2017 06:40

You're Welcome Jim Cousins...

Have a great day!

Jim Cousins 11th August 2017 10:53

Planned Order Required Dates In the Past
Having investigated further, we are using the Enterprise Planning Module and it is the planned order that has a required date in the past when trying to replenish safety stock.

Why does the planned order have a date in the past?

Is Option 2 previously suggested an option to correct this issue.

sasikanth 14th August 2017 10:50

Hello Jim,

The option 2 is meant to ignore the Requisitions completely from the Enterprise Planning. I believe that is not your intention.

Enterprise Planning (MRP Engine) is a Backward Planning Engine, so you might see the dates in the past as well.

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