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subesse 24th July 2017 12:03

AFS insert salesorder
Via AFS I am able to insert a new salesorder via tdsls4101m000. Todo this I add the orderserie/ type of order and customernumber and then use stpapi.insert, which correctly adds a new salesorder. But after the insertion of the header of the salesorder I need to insert the lines of the order. And need to know the ordernumber just inserted.(or don't I?)
I tried to use use the stp.get.field of the field tsdld040.orno, but get back the same orderserie I started with, but never the newly created number.

Anybody having an example or idea what I should do?


mark_h 24th July 2017 13:45

Moved to the correct forum. I always recommend searching the AFS forum for the session you are working on - a lot of posts around tdsls4101m000. See the last post on this link. I think it should how one other user did something like this.

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