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raviteja31 22nd July 2017 00:21

Can anyone explain me from where does the ASN Nr. is created from in Baan5c ?

raviteja31 22nd July 2017 00:23

Hi , I would like to know about ASN`n in Baan like from where is this ASN nr. created from ? who creates it for a supplier.

sasikanth 24th July 2017 15:34

Hi Ravi,

ASN (Advance Shipment Notice) is something that you create (either manually or through EDI) based on the Shipment details that you've received from your Supplier.

Elaborate your query so I can help you better.

raviteja31 25th July 2017 05:47

ASN error
Hi Sasikanth, Thanks for your response.

When i click on "Add expected shipment" from receipts session (whinh3520m000).Then it opens "Expected shipments "session (whinh3821m000) session. So in this session when i give the ASN number and receipt date. it throws an error "ASN nr. is case sensitive,no data found. is there any table where the ASN numbers are stored ?:( want to know why is this error pops up.because which the receiving in the warehouse cannot be done ?:(

sasikanth 1st August 2017 08:39

Make sure that the ASN number that you're trying to search is available in the ASN Table.

Also, as the message says, the value is case sensitive, so you need to take care of it as well.

If you still have an issue, do let me know.

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