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bansaanu 19th July 2017 20:38

Test "Change" Method
Hi All,

I am using session tlbct3232m000 to test "Change" method but it is giving me following error:

Public attribute TestCountryBOD.Country is mandatory

Following is the BOD file which I am using:

<?xml version="1.0"?><ProcessTestCountry xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns:xsd="" releaseID="2">

<Process acknowledgeCode="Always">
<ActionExpression actionCode="Change"/>
<Country variationID="1">ASIA</Country>

The same file works fine when flows through ION. Is there any specific way to test "Change" method through tlbct3232m000 session?

Please let me know your thought.


bhushanchanda 20th July 2017 05:19


It may be because, you have added a Change method in the BOD and have not added the fields in that i.e. the Identifiers, etc..

Please verify and confirm if that is the case.

bansaanu 20th July 2017 06:32

Hi Bhushan,

Fields are added in the change method as well. In fact LN studio brings all the fields on its own as soon as any method is selected so I have not made any change in that at all.

Not sure if calling "Change" from tlbct3232m000 is different than when it is called through ION?


bansaanu 20th July 2017 13:31

Hi Bhushan/All,

I used "Is BOD" check box on the session (tlbct3232m000) and session picked up the file and processed the same as expected. Basically made the change in the table as I was expecting. It seems we can not run just "Change" method standalone in this session tlbct3232m000.


bhushanchanda 20th July 2017 14:36


I assumed that you are enabling "Is Bod" checkbox on the form. Yes, it's required. Glad that you got it solved. This is how you should test your BOD's through the session.

bansaanu 20th July 2017 18:15

Hi Bhushan,

Yes, that is correct. I enabled "Is BOD" check box on the form.

Thanks all for providing valuable input!!!


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