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kapilsapre 17th July 2017 12:02

Retrieving drawing from database
I am working on report decoding of baan and hence finding fields and their related logic. Now for Baan, i need to retrieve drawings. What is logic to retrieve them.
For example-- if i need to retrieve text, i tave to match txta field of any table to tttxt010.ctxt and fetch tttxt010.text. Similarly what is procedure to find drawings and view them.

Kapil S Sapre

kapilsapre 17th July 2017 12:05

system OS- linux and [‎7/‎17/‎2017 3:34 PM] Dronamraju, PhaniTarang:
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi

sasikanth 5th September 2017 13:21

Hi Kapil,

Drawing uploaded in ODM/IDM or uploaded in LN as a Picture (drag/drop) or Saved in DB in Binary Format? Could you elaborate the scenario?

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