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alex.bonutti 6th July 2017 11:57

Fatal error in Support Dll for ProductionOrderSFCInBOD with Tools 10.5
after we updated our LN to Tools 10.5, we are receiving from ION a fatal error like below on ProductionOrderSFCInBOD:

FATAL ERROR: bfiter.skip.initials: iterator 0 not found Can not continue in otlbctbodp in DLL: ottstpamdll ([bfiter.skip.initials]
Stack trace (package combination '61oa9ing'):,0) (in object ottstpamdll)"tisfc001") (in object ottstpamdll)
reporting.completed.production.order("PRD041074",1,1) (in object otiboddll1111) tibod.dll1111.hook.afterexecute.productionordersfcinbod.change("PRD041074",1,1,0,0,"",

This is limited to one company only, where the backflush is used and set as automatic.
Infor has no answers for almost 2 months now. Did anyone ever encounter or handle this kind of error?

Best regards,

Vaibhav Bhardwa 16th August 2017 14:20

I would like to know what process did you followed for upgrading tools to LN 10.5?

Ajesh 16th August 2017 15:25

They would have usually suggested some Latest Solutions to install. Anyways, after you upgrade it to the Latest Monthly Solution Packs , for Tools as well as general, this error should go.

alex.bonutti 25th August 2017 09:41

Incident has now had an update, we have to test it and see the results.

Thanks for the feedbacks,

ARijke 28th August 2017 14:28

Solution KB 1924970 "Cannot use db.update() between dal.change.object() and on same table when UE DLL is active" is available since the first of august.
Please report the test results back on the incident.

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