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ubhat12 1st July 2017 16:13

unable to generate outbound advice
We are having inventory of 14000 pieces of an item as shown in inventory.But when we generate outbound advice the error appears as outbound advice generation shortage.We have traced the problem as to skipping i think the session maintain location lot control.
Anyone please kindly help to rectify the situation so that the 14000 pieces of inventory get released.lorries are waiting for 2 days due to non issue of delivery challans.

mark_h 1st July 2017 18:48

Is this a lot controlled item? Does the inventory have a lot on it? Those are some of the things I would check and if necessary adjust off and adjust on the inventory to the correct lot. Or maybe just go thru table maintenance to add a lot. Those were what first popped into my mind.

ubhat12 2nd July 2017 06:13

Hi Mark,
This is having lot and location control.Please help further.

mark_h 4th July 2017 03:17

Make sure lot control is on for the item. On our system someone turned off lot control for all items and we had to fix a bunch of stuff. The table I looked at were tdltc001, tdilc102, tdilc111 - plus tdilc401 and 402 to fix outbound and inbound. I would start there - but that is based off our system.

avpatil 13th July 2017 17:42

Were you able to resolve this?

Arvind Patil

ubhat12 14th July 2017 17:49

no .not yet resolved

avpatil 14th July 2017 17:59

You can basically take a look at allocation field in tdilc101. Also try running tdinv0252m000 to check if allocations are mismatch? Are you based in India?

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