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Anakha56 29th June 2017 14:46

Need a Dev Baan setup
Greetings All,

So I have started at a new company as their IT Specialist with zero knowledge of the Baan ERP system. Now I need to get up to speed on Baan but without playing around in the live environment. Over the weekend I was able to convert the physical machine into a virtual machine and when I started it up I get a license error.

I did some Googling and that is how I found this forum from this thread. I understand the license implications should Infor come and audit us but I really need to get a dev environment to learn this system better.

Would anybody be able to assist me or point me in the right direction in getting this virtual system working? Going by that thread spoofing the MAC address may work and it is something that I will try over the weekend, any other methods to try will be greatly appreciated.

If this is against the forum rules, my apologies.

/found it strange I could not sign up with my gmail accounts but my other account worked perfectly fine :).

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