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ramrajput75 17th June 2017 08:28

Serious error in processing bdbreconfig
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Serious error in processing bdbreconfig


What is the issue,
we have cleared ttadv501 to ttadv505.
rename the dict vrc folder and run crdd but problem not solve.
anybody have any idea. please helpĀ 

thank in advance

bhushanchanda 17th June 2017 12:23

Please post your questions in specific forums instead of creating blogs.

Moved to correct forum

You can try following the following steps -

1. Once your ttadv.* tables are cleared, open your modified table definition and make some change like - change a label of a field
2. Save and close
3. Now run the CRDD without domain's selected.
4. Log out and log back in.

Ajesh 18th July 2017 07:33

What is the error message?

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